Why choose Mom So Hard?

Being a mom is hard enough. Prioritizing your health and fitness shouldn't be.

Being strong is so much more about how you feel than how you look. You don't need a six pack to keep up with your kids. You don't need to fit back into you pre-pregnancy clothing in a set amount of time (or ever). And you certainly don't need to achieve your "perfect post-baby bikini body."

Honestly, typing that phrase makes me want to vomit.

I'm passionate about finding a health and fitness plan that works FOR you and WITH you. Over my past four years as a trainer, I've learned two of the biggest keys to long-term success: Loving your workouts, and having them fit into your hectic schedule when it's most convenient for you.

Mom So Hard is committed to helping you achieve your wellness goals at a price you can afford, with flexibility that works with your schedule. Contact me today for more information!