Sam Bangs came into my life when I had an 8 month old and a 2.5 year old. For one glorious hour each day, their naps overlapped and I’d make myself a snack, plop on the couch, surf the ‘net and wonder how long before I got my pre-baby body back. There was no (child-less) opportunity for me to get to gym, and I had no motivation to spend that hour working out; until Sam came over. She’d meet me in my living room twice a week, and would keep her voice and music down to accommodate my sleeping girls. She helped me strengthen my back muscles because they were weak from the pregnancies, and got my body back in shape. Sam dragged an entire gym into my house each time, even when she was pregnant. Her work ethic and commitment were clear, as was her love of the gig. She made working out super convenient, really safe, and even fun. Once my older daughter stopped napping, Sam would include her in our workouts so that I could continue to exercise from home. Portland, you really gained a gem!
— Katya, Mom of 2

Sam was recommend to me through a nutritionist that spoke very highly of her. My first son was 8 months old, and I was looking to build back the strength I had lost during my pregnancy. Prior to working out with Sam I was a college athlete and dedicated to taking Spin Classes 2-3x a week. Once I had my son, all of that changed. There wasn’t childcare available at my Spin studio, and my husband’s work schedule was so unpredictable I couldn’t depend on him to take care of our son so I could get a workout. I realized hiring a personal trainer that would come to my home after my son was asleep for the night was the perfect solution!! Sam’s approach to my training was balanced and full of variety. I was never bored, or felt like I wasn’t getting enough out of our hour long sessions. Beyond her knowledge and skills as a trainer, she also brings a positive energy and very real vibe to the workouts. Training with Sam I reached my pre-pregnancy weight, and saw muscle definition and multiple inches lost. I also became pregnant with my second son during that time, and we safely navigated a workout routine late into my 3rd trimester. I have no doubt that I was able to maintain the strength and endurance I needed for my 24 hour labor to deliver my 10lb 7oz son (without pain medication!) because I had Sam working with me all of those months. I recommend Sam to anyone that’s looking to achieve great results from the convenience of their home. Mom So Hard Fitness is invaluable to mothers of young children who are trying to balance it all, and still make time for self-care and exercise.
— Daniella, Mom of 2